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About us

The family owned company Electronic Logistics B.V. is specialized in the distribution of consumer electronics in the Benelux. We are engaged in white goods, brown goods and grey goods, but also in small household articles. In that niche we are focus on the storage and distribution of damage sensitive goods.

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About us


Speed, service en efficiency. Trans-shipment by cross docking. The lead time for delivery from our warehouses is 24 hours in The Netherlands and Belgium.


Transport, for us, is much more than simply delivering a product. We have excellent key performance indicators and guarantee a high standing quality in our services.



    • Warehouse
    • 10.000 palletplaces

    • 24h deliveries in NL en BE
    • 48h deliveries in Luxumbourg

    • KPI (2013)
    • Client appraisal 8,3 / 10
    • Delivery adresses appraisal 8,5 / 10
    • Short deliveries/ damages 0,006%
    • Delivery reliabilty 99,3%

    • In average 800.000 parcels/ year

    • 99% electronics

    • Competitive rates



An excellent service and corporate social responsibility. On a daily base we are working to improve continuously. We take good care- Anywhere!

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George de Greef

financial manager

"Quality is important, just like profit. It is not the result that counts, but the constant process of growth."

Ria de Greef

commercial director

"Clients deserve the role that they earn: the leading part!"

Jaap de Greef

technical director

"Quality by purchasing the right material, taking the environmental demands into account."

Niels de Greef

operational manager

"Logistics is much more than just store and deliver products."


Electronic Logistics

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